Neat’s NSDK3 Error still an issue for Mac OSX Yosemite

9 thoughts on “Neat’s NSDK3 Error still an issue for Mac OSX Yosemite”

  1. Omg I am just now getting this problem. My MacBook is brand new. I was looking forward to going completely digital. I’m sending the Neat scanner back and going with Fujitsu.

    I really wanted this to work on the Mac 😦


  2. They misled me lied to my face and suggested I use their WEB based app which is cloud based! I don’t want all my documents stored in the cloud. I have been trying to move all my data off the cloud! I have been a customer for 8 years this has been insulting and time consuming! I am not only angry I am disgusted. I spoke to a supervisor (supposedly) yesterday! 7-23-15 He acted as though it was apples fault and told me the solution was to use the WEB based application. I need an alternative to this solution! I am duped and abused, my good faith was used against me!


  3. Neat is so weird buggy. People really love it or hate it. I can’t take the chance so I’m just going to go with Fujitsu Scansnap. I know @reid says older models don’t work with Neat, but I’m getting something brand new online. Thanks for the link!


  4. I cannot believe now in 2016 ( after getting Neat as a gift ); that this problem is STILL ON GOING! Additionally; I am being forced to use their cloud service as a solution. THIS IS NOT a solution. I have my documents, and I have MY OWN STORAGE. FUCK THE NEAT CLOUD!! I have no faith in their ability to retain, or maintain my data. I am also NOT going to pay extra for any service where I know I can store it easily on a couple terabyte drives plus backups. Storage is cheap and reliable. Who the hell do they think they are??


  5. Really! Who do they think they are???? I have had my Neat scanner since 2012 and now it doesn’t work because I have not signed up and paid for Cloud storage. If I wanted to store my docs in the Cloud, I am perfectly capable of deciding which ones to store there. Shame them on Twitter. Bring them to their minds by broadcasting to everyone how much the Neat Company stinks.


  6. all the hateful comments about Neat are correct, how can you trust a company that does not think about its customers, but rather exclusively on its pocket? Now there’s only one solution left, Play the Neat Scan literally in the Trash, and look for another trusted one. In addition to continuing to speak very badly of “neat” to the world, so that no one can trust and buy their products.


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