Neat’s NSDK3 Error still an issue for Mac OSX Yosemite

8 thoughts on “Neat’s NSDK3 Error still an issue for Mac OSX Yosemite”

  1. Omg I am just now getting this problem. My MacBook is brand new. I was looking forward to going completely digital. I’m sending the Neat scanner back and going with Fujitsu.

    I really wanted this to work on the Mac 😦


  2. They misled me lied to my face and suggested I use their WEB based app which is cloud based! I don’t want all my documents stored in the cloud. I have been trying to move all my data off the cloud! I have been a customer for 8 years this has been insulting and time consuming! I am not only angry I am disgusted. I spoke to a supervisor (supposedly) yesterday! 7-23-15 He acted as though it was apples fault and told me the solution was to use the WEB based application. I need an alternative to this solution! I am duped and abused, my good faith was used against me!


  3. Neat is so weird buggy. People really love it or hate it. I can’t take the chance so I’m just going to go with Fujitsu Scansnap. I know @reid says older models don’t work with Neat, but I’m getting something brand new online. Thanks for the link!


  4. I cannot believe now in 2016 ( after getting Neat as a gift ); that this problem is STILL ON GOING! Additionally; I am being forced to use their cloud service as a solution. THIS IS NOT a solution. I have my documents, and I have MY OWN STORAGE. FUCK THE NEAT CLOUD!! I have no faith in their ability to retain, or maintain my data. I am also NOT going to pay extra for any service where I know I can store it easily on a couple terabyte drives plus backups. Storage is cheap and reliable. Who the hell do they think they are??


  5. Really! Who do they think they are???? I have had my Neat scanner since 2012 and now it doesn’t work because I have not signed up and paid for Cloud storage. If I wanted to store my docs in the Cloud, I am perfectly capable of deciding which ones to store there. Shame them on Twitter. Bring them to their minds by broadcasting to everyone how much the Neat Company stinks.


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